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The Great Sam Ovens Scam?

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How the conversation started...

“You’re not buying that course”.

My fiancee stared at me insistently from the other end of the couch, her legs drawn up into a ball.

“His ads are everywhere, like, I can’t go on Facebook or YouTube without seeing him. And people always leave the angry face emoji on his posts and nasty comments”.

She had a point. Sam was an omnipresent being on social media until I cleared the cookies from our browser. But then, everything I’d heard him say made sense.

“Look, he has a 2 week refund period and everything I saw in his free webinar made me think that he really knows his stuff. If I don’t get any value from it then I’ll just get my money back”, I countered back.

Her penetrating gaze bored into the back of my head as I reached for my credit card…

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator

If you’re anything like me, you’ve learned not to believe the hype when buying any kind of course off the internet.

Sam makes some big claims regarding his personal success and the success of his students (above).

There’s also plenty of haters on the sidelines who seem quick to label anybody a scam once their success skyrockets.

So when I looked into Sam Ovens “Consulting Accelerator” course I did a DEEP dive online.

This review is intended to make life easier for those considering whether an investment in this course is right for you.

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Sam Ovens Review - From the outside looking in...

1 – This is where Sam delivers all his online programs and FREE online training webinar. This is an essential starting point for all consultants.

2 – Still an active site but mostly pushes users across to

3 – Sam’s YouTube Channel. You can view a LOT of student testimonials here, as well as free training and hacks directly from Sam. It’s obvious that Sam has a very dedicated, passionate and successful client base. This was one of the major drawcards for me. There weren’t just 2-3 testimonial videos of clients who had unusually high results. A lot of people were, and are, making high ticket sales every day and quitting their jobs. Many of these students did not come from highly academic backgrounds either, or have traditional levels of “expertise” that most consider necessary to become a consultant.

4 – Sam Ovens Instagram. His Insta stories are hilarious, and it’s great to see behind the scenes of his personal life. Enough said, go watch for yourself.

5 – Sam Ovens Personal Facebook Profile. Maybe one day I’ll make the cut as a friend…

6 – Sam Ovens “Personality” Facebook Page. Basically mirrored content from the website plus the Consulting Facebook Page. However the comments on the posts are unique and insightful, and Sam replies himself sometimes.

7 – Consulting Facebook Page A lot of free and valuable content is posted here. You can ask questions of the Consulting support staff (and sometimes Sam himself) via the page messenger or directly on the posts.

8 – Consulting Community FB Group (Free to All) This is an awesome place to connect with other aspiring consultants and community members.

9 – Consulting Accelerator FB Group (Private) You won’t be able to view the page content, but this is where a lot of additional content is shared with Sam’s students. The amount of students posting (AND answering) in here is more than I’ve ever seen, and the vibe is great.

10 – Consulting Student Testimonials. Needless to say, there are thousands of them. Sam Ovens has really become a guru with a massive, devoted following.

11 – The Consulting Accelerator Course Content. Check out the FAQ section on this page- it will show you questions others are asking before buying. The amount of video content is mind-boggling. Another big tick in my book was that the course is now at 2.0 status, meaning it’s been completely overhauled since inception and improved. Personally, I had to be sure that what I was going to be taught was relevant, effective and detailed. I also needed to ensure that this wasn’t a ‘cookie cutter’ model or series of hacks that would become redundant as more people learned them and joined the program.

12 – Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Earnings Disclaimer Yes, I am that kind of a guy. I was an engineer in a previous career. Reading the fine print doesn’t bother me, but knowing the specific conditions of any contact I’m entering into does. I was personally happy with all the terms of the agreements.

Independent Reviews. This is always where things get interesting. Haters, trolls, disgruntled ex-students- surely I could find somebody with something really bad to say that would stand against the tide of evidence!?!?

  • Reddit 1. The home of trolling and unfiltered discussions. But the first discussion I found ended with the thread poster removing his critical article as many of his opinions were proven incorrect!
  • Reddit 2. On the surface this seemed like the ‘silver bullet’ of bad reviews. Instead it was filled with weak assumptions, lacked any factual basis at all, and had nothing to do with Consulting Accelerator.
  • “Sam Ovens Consulting – Scam or Legit?”. The writer again was/is not a student but came to the conclusion that Sam more than provides value for money.
  • “Sam Ovens – Scam Alert – Review”. There was a lot of mud-slinging in this Medium article, though very few supporting facts were given and it was mostly an opinion-related rant. A theme that I did see come up was that some people were not able to access a refund when they asked because it came with certain conditions (action-based and time-restrained). My recommendation is that you send an email directly to [email protected] and ask for the refund policy to be explained in writing, in full, before you purchase. That way there’s no chance of misunderstanding. The responsibility is yours to be informed about what you’re buying and the conditions attached.
  • “Sam Ovens – Dirty Scam”. This was scraping the bottom of the barrel but a lot of people had commented so it was worth a read. In reality there were only a few who’d had any real issue, and those were around claiming the refund.
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator is delivered via online modules at and supported via a physical boxset of resources.
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Consulting Accelerator Review

All of the external noise means nothing if the course doesn’t deliver though. This was where “The Great Sam Ovens Scam” might possibly be shown true.

“Will this really work for me?” is the question on everybody’s mind.

Needless to say, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

The mindset module was by far the most challenging and rewarding training I have ever done in my life. This is a personal highlight and it’s hard to believe how much more happy, motivated and well-rounded I’ve become as a human being in a relatively short space of time.

Some of you may think, “mindset, how’s that the most important element?” but I feel this is the secret sauce that has brought Sam his own fortune and is the key to the success of his students.

One of the key quotes in the program is that “people don’t have business problems. They have personal problems that manifest themselves in their business”. Hence the course is designed to help you face your fears, get out of your comfort zone (alongside everyone else) and become a very well-rounded human being and consulting professional.

Still wondering if Consulting Accelerator is right for you?

Find all the course benefits here.

Hardcopies of the main workbook resources for Consulting Accelerator, including the Sam Ovens Sales Script, Module Slides and Transcripts, Alchemy Planner and Alchemy Of Self workbook.
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Sam Ovens Sales Script

The boxset that accompanies this course is VERY cool, though not entirely necessary.

Sleek branding, sexy hardcovers and lots of workbooks make this a solid addition to the course, especially for those who want to make notes, highlight key information or prefer learning through reading.

You receive all the video slides, transcripts, key templates and notebooks to record personal progress in.

However the most useful tool in this arsenal is Sam Ovens Sales Script, or the “Alchemic Conversion Sales Script”.

The sales training in this course is one of the most raved about features by members, and was a feature I was personally drawn to.

Most students have not come from sales backgrounds or had formal sales training, yet everyday “ordinary” people are sharing results of closing new consulting clients on high ticket retainers.

Sam’s step-by-step process obviously works. The huge increase in confidence and results that people had who followed the proven system simply can’t be ignored or disputed.

Did "The Great Sam Ovens Scam" pass the test?

The Sam Ovens Scam Verdict

It’s very clear to me that “The Great Sam Ovens Scam” has no credibility.

Sam is not a scam. Hashtag?

I think the most important thing is not to judge a teacher by their own success but by the success of their students.

Sam has amassed a personal fortune from selling his courses and consulting services, but what matters most is his devotion to seeing his students win.

The value for money and the amount of “aha” moments I have had with this program tops any other formal or alternate educational course I’ve ever done. This includes a 4-year degree with honours in Mechanical Engineering and over $23,500AUD in further courses the last few years (Property Investing, Options Trading, Ecom, Digital Marketing, Coaching & Personal Development).

Was this program right for me, at my stage of business experience and entrepreneurship, and did it help me get to a higher level? 100%

Do the concepts it taught me continue to shape my mind and improve my life and business. Absolutely, every day.

Is this program right for you? It depends.

If you’re ready to really face up to your mental blocks, learn the framework and tools needed to promote and support a consulting business, and be inspired and supported by others on the same journey, then yes, go all in.

If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter solution where you don’t want to improve yourself and take 100% responsibility for doing the work (most notably on yourself), then this isn’t for you. Yet. Keep striving and seeking and maybe one day you’ll come full circle.

This isn’t “Get Rich Quick”- it’s “Get Rich For Sure”.


 – Bowen Douglas | Inner Fire Consultant

Bowen Douglas | Inner Fire Consultant

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Common Questions

Yes. The retail price is currently $1,997USD (upfront payment) or 5x $597 (monthly payments).

The discounted price is $1,497USD (upfront payment) or 5x $497USD (monthly payments).

Sam’s a smart guy. He knows that large-scale growth comes via building a great product (tick), a community that has proven results of success (tick) and creating incentives for people to share his program so it grows virally.

Be aware that this discount and trial may be removed at any time.

No. I personally took the time to put together this page, host it and keep it up-to-date.

There are no affiliate links on this page, however through the invitation system there is a commission offered.

With that said, the purpose of this review was that I wanted to provide this resource for others who are on their own journey to “escape the 9-5” and get paid what they’re truly worth.

All opinions and comments on this page are mine and mine alone, and I have no direct connection with Sam or his staff. I’m willing to back what I say and this program carries my full personal endorsement. I don’t “hide” behind anonymity on the internet (unlike many others promoting this course).

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During the setup process you will need to select whether the automated billing should deduct the (discounted) lump sum or payment-by-installments once the 7 days is up.

You can easily cancel the automatic billing from your dashboard at any time!

NOTE: Once you register for your Consulting Accelerator trial you have 7 days to make use of the discount.

You will have 7 days to access all the content from Week 1 and part of Week 2 of the Consulting Accelerator course.

This content covers everything you need to know regarding choosing a niche, conducting market research and beginning to redesign your mindset for success.

The free trial content will remain unlocked for life but the $500USD discount to access the full course will expire after 7 days.

If you decide not to go ahead, then you can always use the discount link that will be sent to you via email (from me) to access the $500USD off the course.

There are 3 important things to know:

  1. The refund is only valid for up to 14 days after purchase
  2. You must ship the entire physical product that you receive back to, including the course workbooks, at your expense
  3. The refund is action-based. You must complete and upload all of the action items from the first 2 weeks of the course.

For further details contact Sam’s team directly via [email protected] or Live Chat at

Yes. I joined the program in December 2017.

Initially I thought I would investigate the training and probably get a refund , but I was so impressed with the course content that I kept it.

See here for a full write-up of my experience with the course.

I am 100% happy to answer any question, anytime about my experience with the course. You can send me a PM via Messenger or an email at [email protected].

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